How to Smoke Rice in Your Grill?

People smoke meat and vegetables but anyone ever thought about smoking rice? I know you must be thinking my crazy and I won’t deny that I m crazy I basically love my Cuisinart Indoor grill and have a habit of grilling almost everything so when day I was in the cab and was way too hungry so basically was thinking that I have grilled and smoked almost each and everything but I never smoked one thing that I love way to must, I m talking about rice I never ever smoked rice on my grill so I thought lets try it but then I was thinking that rice need water so how would I smoke them but then I found it way too much interesting that I really wanted to try it so as soon as I got back I tried it and made some mistakes but next day I tried it again and that evening ate the best rice ever. Want to know how I smoked them? Read below.

Things needed-


Ingredients needed –

  • Uncooked rice

Directions –

1. Take 2 or 3 charcoal briquettes and then place one on the end of your grill’s grate (bottom grate).

2. It’s time you add 2 chunks, the small ones to the smoking wood.

3. Take a baking dish and if you don’t have the baking dish then take a cake pan and place a layer of rice in it.

4. Once you feel that the woods are properly smoked, place cake pan or baking dish which you filled with uncooked rice on the cooking grate.

5. When you place your baking dish on the great keep it in your mind that you have to keep it far away from the woods and the charcoal.

6. The made thing is that you need to cover your grill for about an hour so that your rice can get a mild smoky flavor.

7. The last thing that you have to do is remove your rice from your grill and then simply store them in an airtight container until they are actually ready to use.

8. Thats all.

I know before it was sounding difficult and way too complex but I think after reading the list of things needed or the directions your heart would be at ease. My first experience was not so good as I didnt have the exact recipe but then I gave it a thought and next day tried it again I didn’t leave hope and I found the best results now I have decided I would smoke everything which sounds weird with the word smoke or grill and I m being very honest I dont see any harm in it and at end I get some amazing recipes to share with you, you know you should also try smoking all the things in the world which some not go well with smoke because you never know what amazing you can make out of the stereotypes there are a lot of things in this world which can be smoked or grilled we just dont know about them. Think about it while enjoying your smoked rice.

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