Charcoal Grill Accessories You Must Have

1. Tongs – when you go to the market for shopping for your grill look for heavy-duty tongs which must be 16 inches long, must be safe to use in the dishwasher, the metal must be sturdy and you must feel comfortable when you hold them in your hand.

2. Grill brush –must have solid and stainless steel bristles, must have a long-handled brush.

3. Spatula –when you buy spatula keep some characteristics in your mind like it must be solid by solid I’m talking about the material which must be solid, heavy-gauge metal and thin as well as rigid blade and the ideal size for the blade would be about 4 inches wide. Don’t forget to look for a bent the total size of the spatula must be 16 inches.

4. Timers –the best timers which are available in the market are the ones with extra large digits, loud alarm, flexibility and by flexibility what I mean is that it must be able to count straight away up from zero and must have belt clips.

5. Instant-read thermometer– you can either buy an inexpensive thermometer which comes with a dial face or a bit more expensive one which comes with a digital face. Basically, the sensor would be very close to the tip and what would it help with? Simple as the sensor be close to the tip, you can easily pinpoint the area of the food you wish to measure.

6. Barbecue mitts –must have very good quality and really good workmanship.

7. Chimney starter – chimney starters have very simple designs which allow you to evenly light charcoals in your Kettleman Charcoal Grills and even quickly. When you go for shopping look for a one which has 2 handles, heatproof side and the other hinged top handle which is for the support and the most important it must have the capacity to at least hold 80 to 100 pieces of briquettes.

All these were the tools that you must have but I have one more list which has items which are good to have-

1. Basting brush –go for the one with silicone bristles and the one which is dishwasher safe.

2. Metal or bamboo skewers –if you go for bamboo skewers you would be able to use them only with kabobs but if you go for flat metal ones you would be able to hold the food better in place

3. Perforated grill pan –when you go for buying perforated grill pan get the one with enough space and thick metal, the holes must be wide enough to allow smoke and heat to reach the food directly, the rim must be low.

4. Cast-iron skillet –it is amazing to have cast-iron skillet it doesn’t get discolor or deteriorate you can simply bake, pan –roast, stew or even sauté. When you buy one go for the one with at least 10 inches in diameter.

5. Sheet pans –the surface must be portable for oiling and even for seasoning the food. And the landing pads must be convenient.

6. Rib rack A.K.A roast holder – yes now you can buy two in one. You heard me right now on one side you would have a rib rack and if you flip on the other side you would have a roast holder.

That’s all with the must have and good to have list.

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