Best Cookbooks for Your Pellet Smoker

Want to learn about all the barbecue traditions? Or want to know the best recipes? Or are you a new grilling and smoking lover? If you fall in any of these categories then the cookbooks mentioned below are for you yes I have world’s best books for you I can bet that you would fall in love with the books, with the recipes and maybe with the author as well you never know.

1. A meat smoking manifesto by Franklin Barbecue – Aaron franklin basically started the bbq revolution when he started with BBQ joint in texas. His restaurant is seen as on of the best in America, with time he gained global acclaim. A meat-smoking manifesto is a book about his own journey and lots and lots of text basically on the traditional type of smoking.

2. The science of great bbq and grilling –heard about ya, this book is written by the same person who started apart from this, this book has all the best bbq and grilling methods. You need to have this book and more to the book it has recipes as well.

3. The prophets of smoked meat: a journey through texas barbecue by Daniel Vaughn – he started as a blogger and a bbq writer this book doesn’t teach how to actually make but this book knows how to make you hungry.

4. Smoke: New Firewood Cooking by TIM BYRES – this book is not only a bbq book but has text on southern traditional barbecue and barbecue. Tim byres were one of the top level chefs so you must trust him with recipes.

5. Diva Q’s Barbecue: 195 recipes for cooking with family, friends – the name itself tells you that it has 195 amazing recipes, this book can teach you complex grilling to simple smoking.

6. Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ: Recipes and secrets from a legendary Barbecue joint – big bob Gibson’s joint is seen as one of the important joints. Do you know the age of the joint? If not let me tell you it’s 85.

7. Peace, love, and Barbecue: recipes and secrets, tall tales, and outright lies – this book is by mike mills, he is seen as a legend in the barbecue world. This book is a cookbook, biography and about his daughter, has great recipes and has great storytelling.

8. Project smoke- this book is by steven Raichlen. Steven has given the best grilling books to the world. this book consists of hardcore barbecue as well as cold smoking. This book has everything that one needs.

9. Slow Fire: The beginner’s guide to lip smacking Barbecue –this book is written by an author who has an award on his shelf, Ray Lampe he is also known as DR. BBQ.

10. Smoke and spice: cooking with smoke, the real way to barbecue –this books are by Jamison, this book is seen as the bible and I hope you know what, of barbecue, has hundreds of recipes. want to learn how barbecue is cooked? If yes then this book is for you.

All of these books are the best for Barbecue lovers. Do go to the market and buy any of these books for your shelf and your shelf would fall in love with you.

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